Monmouth Rainbows

Open to All Families in Monmouth County !

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RAINBOWS OVERVIEW - Rainbows is the largest international non-profit program dedicated to helping children heal from painful family transitions having served 3 million children over 30 years.  Rainbows helps children heal from the emotional impacts of separation, divorce, death, illness, military deployment or any other painful family transition. Rainbows is open to all families in Monmouth County from all economic and religious backgrounds, and for two-parent, single-parent, or foster-parent families.   Rainbows is a free program and available at our site for all children grades K-12 ages 5 through 17, and their parents and guardians.  We do ask that parents and guardians make a commitment to have their children consistently attend Rainbows meetings to ensure there is continuity within their respective groups.  We meet weekly September thru April on Monday nights 645-745/8pm  and monthly May thru August.  Our meetings are held at our Monmouth Beach location and we are open to take new registrations for children at anytime so please enroll (click the enroll link above) or if you have any questions please email us at or call our site directors Mike & Marie Meriton at (908) 720-7044.

RAINBOWS BENEFITS - Rainbows program curriculum helps children and teenagers:

  • Develop and strengthen problem-solving, appropriate behavior and anger management skills
  • Improve school attendance and academic performance
  • Alleviate depression and anxiety
  • Reduce emotional pain and suffering
  • Improve communication in their families
  • Reduce the likelihood of destructive behavior

RAINBOWS PROGRAM APPROACH - Rainbows hopes to help children accept the change in their family, develop coping skillls to deal with their feelings, and to share in a trusted and confidential environment with others who have had similar experiences of grief.  Rainbows writing journals, games, discussions, stories and crafts are used to help learn about emotions, self-esteem, coping with changes and forgiveness.  Children develop friendships as they share their feelings with other children their age who may have experienced the same emotions. Rainbows is not just for children with recent loss but also where a family loss may have happened years ago though there still may be unresolved feelings or behavior issues. 

RAINBOWS AGE GROUPS - Rainbows is organized by age level: LEVEL 1 > ages 5/6 - LEVEL 2 > ages 7/8 - LEVEL 3 > ages 9-11 - LEVEL 4 > ages 12-14 - LEVEL 5 > 15-17.  We also have a Rainbow group for the adults with children enrolled in the program that meets at the same time as the children.  Each week we follow the Rainbows curriculum and all age groups cover the same topic but the discussion and activities are age adjusted.  Adults often get as much out of the Rainbows program as the enrolled children! Participation in the adult Rainbows program is optional and not required in order to enroll your children in Rainbows.

MONMOUTH RAINBOWS MEETING TIMES - Our Rainbow program runs in two 8-weekly sessions in the Fall (September > December) and Winter / Early Spring (January > April) and Monthly meetings late Spring thorugh the Summer (May > August).  Our sessions are conducted on Monday nights 645p to 745/8p at the Precious Blood Parish Center classrooms located at 72 Riverdale Avenue, in Monmouth Beach, NJ (map).  

COMMITMENT TO ATTENDANCE - We do ask that parents and guardians make a commitment to have their children consistently attend Rainbows sessions to ensure there is continuity for the children within their groups.  


We welcome new enrollments through out the year (click on the "ENROLL" below).  For more information kindly contact our Rainbows Site Coordinators Mike and Marie Meriton on email at or call us at (908) 720-7044 for more information.

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RAINBOWS 2017 Calendar

PARISH CENTER CLASSROOMS - located behind the Church of the Precious Blood, 72 Riverdale Avenue, Monmouth Beach, NJ (map)

MONTHLY MEETINGS (May thru August)

WEEKLY MEETINGS (September thru April)




Monday, May 1st, 2017


Monthly Meeting 645p

Monday, June 5th, 2017


Monthly Meeting 630p

Monday, July 10th, 2017


Monthly Meeting 630p

Monday, August 7th, 2017


Meeting 630p

WEEKLY MEETINGS RESUME Monday, September 25th, 2017


Weekly Meeting 645p