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Who we are

Rainbows is an international non profit organization that assists children and their families who are grieving a death, divorce, or other life-altering crisis. Rainbows offers training and curricula to establish peer support groups in schools, faith communities, hospitals, and social service agencies at no cost to participants or their families. These support groups provide grieving children with an opportunity to deal with and resolve their feelings in an accepting environment.

Who we serve

Rainbows sites enroll children from all economic racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, and from two-parent, single- parent, or foster-parent families. While many of our participants cannot afford to pay for grief-support services, and often meet the income requirements for public programs, economics is not part of our selection criteria. The common denominator for all participants is that they have suffered a loss in the family and are grieving.

• Since 1983, Rainbows has served over 3 million children
• Rainbows has established sites in 49 states and 16 foreign countries
• There are more than 40,000 trained volunteers in the Rainbows program
• Each year Rainbows reaches over 160,000 children and youth at 4100 sites in the United States and 2338 abroad.

How we do it

Rainbows has developed a detailed system of grief peer support in neighborhoods linking schools, faith communities, agencies, and hospitals with families who have experienced a life-altering loss. Our mission-delivery strategy includes, but is not limited to: site preparation; extensive, thorough volunteer training; site management; and annual outcome based evaluations. We have not only developed extensive age-specific curricula which include journals and activities for the participants and manuals for the adult volunteers, but we deliver an interactive training for volunteers that has been certified by the State of Illinois which enables the clinicians and social workers to receive Continuing Education Units. Relying on volunteers allows us to remain fiscally responsible while reaching children in their familiar environments such as a school.


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Mike & Marie Meriton
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